My wish

I have had a wish my entire life. This wish is not based in fantasy or hope to see, it is based in complete reality. This is not just my wish, it is the wish of us all. I will share my wish with you and see if you wish it too 😉

I wish for no more wars, tears, or affliction. I wish for no more hatred, anger or suffering. I wish for no more bullying, judgement, or separation.

I wish for more peace, smiles and connection. I wish for more love, creativity and joy. I wish for more friendships, acceptance, and unity.

See, my wishes are just like yours 🙂

So how do we know that this is reality not fantasy…because love is you and me! We all want to be free of fear. We all want to love and thrive. We all want to live peacefully and contently.

So, if we all want this, and we all wish for it, why is it not like that right now in our universe?

Distractions, fear, pain, greed, envy, jealousy and many other negative energies that have all seemingly become more important than love. ~~~Impossible!


Because we are love! We cannot escape that from which we are! WE ARE LOVE!

We must live our lives as if we want our wishes fulfilled, stay true to love, and be kind to ourselves. We grow, heal and emerge from pain, as a butterfly from its cocoon. A new day is dawning and love is the light the welcomes all life on earth, and makes wishes come true 🙂





How to change our life?

sky-earth-galaxy-universe.jpgWhen a person wants a change in their life, they must be aware that something is not in alignment with what their desires are. If there is pain it becomes easier to change because of the hurt we suffer. It is scary to leave the safety of the shore and swim into uncharted waters, but if the pain from standing on the shore is too great, we must jump in and swim to new destinations.

If life is going ‘ok’, and things are ‘fine’, it then becomes more difficult to move away from the safety of what we know and accept as our lives, into developing new patterns. This is the place most people remain. Not quite getting what they want from life, but accepting the life they have as merely ‘acceptable’ as opposed to amazing.

Which is better a ‘C’ or an ‘A’?

Acceptable means we accept what we have. Same job, same habits, same perspective. We just continue to endure our lives the way that it is now. We don’t think of changing it because we don’t have to. Why would one leave the comfort of acceptability for uncharted destinations? Most wouldn’t, but I think YOU should!

When we awaken to the truth, we see a different world around us. We step into a space of clarity and love. We emit a different vibe, energy or expression that begs for a change of our everyday lifestyles. We naturally want to be doing more, serving more, and learning more about growth in our spiritual paths. We yearn for change. This change comes through us in ways that sometimes seem out of our control. This is the universe at work. When we align with our desire to change and to grow into our loving nature, our perspective changes. We see other opportunities, seek other ways to grow and learn, and find value in other parts of life that before were concealed from us.

Our ego will tell us things are ok forever if we let it. We must step into our spirit and change our patterns and honor the love we have come to give. It is easy if we allow the universe to lead our path, impossible if we try to control it. Allow the now to express itself through our love and kindness, and the change we seek will converge into a new you!

Be bold enough to swim to new shores, enjoy the new perspective, and live knowing that the universe brought you to this destination of love for a reason”


Is KARMA real?

KARMA DEF: destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.

So, the universe responds, always! What we give, we get. What we sow, we reap.

Is this true?

Let us look at this from both angles. The positive and the negative, the dark and the light, the good and the bad.

I have heard throughout my entire life that only the good die young. I have also heard that you get what you give. So, if the good folks give goodness to the world, why do they die young?

When we look at this from a spiritual perspective it diminishes in strength and power because we know that death is not to be feared. So, if one transcends our earth at an early age we understand that this is not a negative thing. We are all eternal beings of  love and light, and our energy will continue on in heavenly realms for an eternity. Love never ceases and we are all love. The energy contained in our spirit is never to be extinguished. To fear death then, is unnecessary, because we are eternal beings.

Then the question becomes what are we here on earth in this form for?

We are all here for one reason only, and that is to heal the separation that humans have developed from God. We are here to return to love, in whatever amount of time we have to exist on earth. This is called a conscious awakening or the shift of consciousness. We, in this generation, can make more changes on our planet than all the previous generations combined, and the way we do that is to love. To simply be who we authentically are, and to spread that love like wildfire.

For those who don’t understand this, hell becomes the norm. How could one live a life, with a timeclock in the back of their minds, fearing the looming death that is to come? Cancer, Stroke, murder? How will I die? And what is to become of me when I do?

This perspective can only bring fear. It is a fear based life. How could one ever feel joy and contentment in their lives, when they don’t even understand why they are alive? The answer is, they can’t! They will always have a fear and uneasiness in the back of their minds. The clock is ticking, and I must do something before I die. Get an education, get a career, start a family, work until retirement, hold my grandkids and then start deteriorating until death. WOW! That is the scariest thing I have ever wrote!

The universe is in perfect harmony. It is sustained by love. When we love, we connect to the reality of life. We, in turn, receive the universal response to love, which is more love, peace, and joy. When one does not connect to the universe and the flow of love that is, they are left to fear based living.

Karma is simply understanding the universe and everything that God created and why. If we love, we multiply love, because love is only to be shared. When we hate or fear, the universe answers that call as well, and we get more hate and fear in our lives. It is not rocket science, it is the law of love, the law of the universe and the only law that exists, for everything that doesn’t follow this law is illusionary and corporeal.

If we want a life of love, peace, and joy, we only need to understand who we are, why we are here and live in alignment with that truth, the ONLY truth that exists…we are LOVE!



What is wrong with people?

The same thing that is wrong with you…pain from your past, continuing the ancient cycle of fear, for thousands of years now…

Some express it differently than you, but it is simply pain being released in sometimes (gasp!) murderous ways.

It is not that some people are evil, because they are not.
All people are love, and were born into a world of fear.
Because everyone is humanly different and effected by fear differently, based on many factors including, but not limited to; their own experiences, their own processing of pain, their own perspective on life, their own thought patterns, and their own insecurities, we all act out our pain in different ways. Yes, it is true that some of these ways hurt others and sometimes even destroy others, this does nothing to dispel the truth.

When we can see other human beings pain patterns in this light, inner peace, societal peace, and world peace are sustainable because we don’t judge, and when we don’t judge we love, and when we love, others love, and when others love, we can all love…all 7.6 billion of us.

But, if we cannot do this, there will always be:

separation, judgment, anger, fear, hate, greed, malevolence, war, genocide, homicide, mass murders, racism, bigotry, jealousy, envy etc…WHY?
Because we feed the fears with our judgment. You cannot be separate and love, the only love is unified love and that comes undeniably and one hundred percent of the time without separation of any kind…we are all one, children of love!
We must lose the fear, and gain the authenticity of the expression of God that we are. When we can do this, all of the things that we seem to detest will cease…



“One road to loneliness, it’s always the same, one road to happiness, it’s calling your name”

Anderson, White, and Rabin (YES)

The sound was deafening.  It was one of those sounds that you feel more than you hear. I shook my head and tried to open my eyes. What is that noise, and where in the hell am I? Am I dreaming?

As my eyes opened, I realized that I was not dreaming, but in a serious reality. I could barely see through the mucus covering my eyelids. I was laying in the street, with my head on the curb and my shoulder in the gutter.

The noise was getting louder and louder! It was pitch dark, for all but the intense lights beaming right in my eyes.  I was so disoriented I could barely move, but something instinctively told me that I needed to, and fast!

So with all of my strength, I pushed myself up from the gutter, stumbling and wobbly, realizing that the noise and the lights were from a city street sweeper coming right at me! I thrust myself forward, and rolled onto the sidewalk right before the machine rumbled by.

Right then, it dawned on me, this was no dream. This was a nightmare, one that had haunted my existence for the better part of fifteen years.  Dread and shame overcame me like a heavy veil. How can someone drink so much that they blackout and end up sleeping in the street with their head on a curb, with no idea how they even got there? I damn near got crushed to death by my own drunken behavior.

Is this what life is all about?

This question began my awakening.

My answer to that question was, no, my life is much more than my pain, but my subconscious patterns had lead me to experience more suffering than anyone should ever endure. I had no idea of the source of it, but it was very present. Every single day, at a mere twenty nine years old, I was living a real life ‘groundhog day’. Every day at the bar, drinking until I was drunk enough to stumble home, sober up and head back to my local watering hole. The same people, the same drinks, the same stories. It was a very unfulfilling existence to be sure, but by the grace of God I found my way out, from loneliness to happiness.



When one suffers in their life, they have two choices, continue to suffer, and accept life on these terms, or, to challenge this suffering and change it. It really is that simple, but it isn’t always easy, at least for me it wasn’t.

My drunkenness was just a way to numb pain, and it was something that became part of me. I just accepted that I was a drunk. Well, I knew enough to know that if I wanted out of my pain, the first step on this journey out of suffering was to make the choice to stop drinking, and again by the grace of God, I have been sober since April 4th, 2001.

This choice was actually easy for me, as I hated my drunken life so much, that I just decided one day to stop. I know that many people need assistance with stopping any vice, especially suicidal ones, but my pain was so severe and present, that I had to stop, or die. I knew this at a very deep level of my being. So, I chose life.


Now what?


If I am not a drunk anymore, who am I?

This question perpetuated a search, and not an outside search, a deep, sometimes confusing, soulful search.

I am love, and a child of God.

This, I did not know then, and it took me many years to experience this reality, and bring this experience into my own life, but that was the answer, as subtle as it may have been at that time. My journey to find my happiness lead me to read many books on metaphysics and spirituality, these books helped me to change my subconscious patterns of pain, and gave me insight into my own unique divinity.

The books I was reading confused me at first, primarily because they were speaking in a language that I had never heard. I knew nothing of self-awareness or spirituality, but here, in these books, that I was reading fervently, was a common theme; to take responsibility for your own life. Responsibility was now a buzz word that I used to heal myself. I had never in my life, up until this point, taken responsibility for anything; my actions, my feelings, my thoughts, my expressions, all on auto-pilot. When one lives like this, we learn to blame.

The blame game


We blame others, our parents, society, our teachers, the government, and any other outside entity other than ourselves. We just blame!

The issue with blaming others for all of life’s circumstance’s, is that there is no growth in blame. How can one grow if it is always someone or something else’s fault?

We cannot!

We must take responsibility for our own lives, look in the mirror and find a way to change whatever it is that needs changing.

I had spent my entire life blaming others.

  • My Dad, for not being present in my life.
  • My Mom, for divorcing my Dad, and not understanding how much I needed him.
  • Society, for not understanding me or my ‘free spirited’ way of life.
  • The world, for creating an angry, fearful place to exist.
  • God, for turning his back on me and allowing me to wallow in my anguish.

Not one of these blames has any merit or value, in any way, shape, or form. The power is not in blame, it is always in taking responsibility for our own lives, and adjusting accordingly. If one desires to be happy in life, blame is not the road to travel.

My own Divinity

I had no idea what my own divinity was, for most of my life. I had never felt as though I was worthy of love, and certainly proved that point many times. I now know that I am love. I was born love, and to love I have returned. It hasn’t been a straight shot to be sure. I have endured a divorce, time away from my own children, morbid obesity, and deep contemplations of suicide. All of these things came as result of only one thing, not recognizing, and honoring my own divinity.

Today, as I look in the mirror, I know exactly who I am, and who I have always been. The only thing that stands between any person and their own divinity is what they think. I know this is true, because of my own divine experiences, but you may not, and so I encourage all of you to find that space inside that can catapult your fears to love, your hopelessness to gratitude, and your pain to pleasure, and it invariably begins with what we think, our own perspective, and the questions we ask ourselves.

The most remarkable thing about my painful experiences is, because of my own suffering and past patterns, I now have the glorious blessing of helping others find their own divinity, and that my friends, is a great ending to any story J



Joaquin Sonoqui is a love coach, teaching the 3 principles of spirituality. He is also author of the spiritual fiction book CARU-A MAN (in love) written under J. A. Sonoqui it is available exclusively on Kindle e-books, and he is a daily spiritual blogger @


“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls us”

When we live a life in human flesh we will incur some emotional damage along the way. We must understand that this is not exclusive to just us. This happens to every single soul on earth. We all have had something or many things happen to us, or even through us, that have caused emotional damage to our psyches.

How we cope with this past damage determines our mindset, our outlook, our perspective on life.

I once saw a documentary about a boy who had progeria. His name was Sam Berns. It is a disease that rapidly ages the body well beyond the age a normal human would. It is also called the Benjamin Button disease, for those who have seen the movie. This boy, who has recently passed, was giving talks all over the world about how to cope with his disease, but more importantly how to cope with life without letting past damage effect it.


He talked about being teased and ridiculed. He spoke of separation and judgment from other kids his age. He mentioned that is was difficult to live in a body that was so different from those around him.

Yet, the talk wasn’t about that. His speeches were encouraging and uplifting. He wanted others to know that it is ok to be different. Its ok to be damaged and then heal. This is someone who sincerely understood the value of healing.

He had every right to feel down, sad, or depressed, and I believe he alluded to being in that state at certain times in his life, but, he knew that he wanted to be as normal as he could be, and to do that he could not let the damage of what others may have treated him like, be chief in his life. He chose to heal, grow and inspire others.

“If we learn to heal, we can then grow and blossom into the image that we have always desired in life” 

We have two choices when we incur emotional damage in our lives. We can sit and stagnate in our pain, or we can dust ourselves off and get to the healing. The healing can sometimes be painful. I know in my life I have cried rivers of tears over the damage that I have endured and brought upon myself. I truly believe that crying is an essential part of healing. It is purging the pain and replacing it with love.

If we let the damage be, it will control us. The way it controls us is through subconscious pain patterns. If we suppress the damage and pain we have, it will always erupt in some form or fashion down the road.


Because our spirit wants and yearns to heal. The universe will always bring us back to the lessons that we must learn to heal them. It is part of our journey. To be whole and fulfilled we have to be free of the pain that our history holds. We cannot live in the past and expect to have joy and love in our lives. Those blessings only exist in the ‘NOW’ and if our minds are controlled by our past damage, we could not possibly escape it, because it still exists within us.

For How can one escape what is inside of them?

When we can truly learn to let go, cry, scream, seek help, pray, meditate, etc…we can heal. When we heal we become new again. When we become new again we return, naturally, to love. When we learn to love ourselves, minus the damage and pain, we understand and honor our present moments. And just like Sam Berns, we focus on the love we have and learn to let the damage go, so we can teach and inspire, live and love, and feel a feeling of freedom from the damage we have been subjected to in our past.

I offer you all hope from the damage that has happened to us all. God is love and love is God, and when we connect to our source of life, the healing becomes natural. We don’t have to think about it, we are guided through it. The only thing we must do is be brave enough to admit we have been damaged, and to not want to suffer for it anymore. When the universe aligns with our desire we take steps, whatever they may be, to heal.

I love you all and I wish you all healing and joy for eternity!

Joaquin Sonoqui,

Author of the spiritual fiction book Caru- A man (in love) written under J. A. Sonoqui (available exclusively on kindle e-books) He is a love coach and teacher of the ‘THREE PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUALITY’ and daily blogger at


Meditation for ME! 🙂

Meditation! It is a buzz word in our culture now. Someone says itmeditation1 and everyone recognizes it, but what is it, and how do I do it?

The word meditation means to think or to focus.

But I thought that meditation was to take me away from thought?

When we meditate we focus. When we focus we break random thought patterns. It deviates from the subconscious control our lives take, to a more conscious, aware pattern of living. We must focus when we meditate. Focus on one thing and one thing only. For me, I focus on my breath. I count my inhale and my exhale. When I do this I am expanding my lungs with precious oxygen (the most under rated resource we have as humans) and exhaling to clear out my patterns of life that are not in alignment with love. I benefit by having a healthier body and mind. I benefit by having more energy and being able to breath better. I improve my mind and its focus on the now, as opposed to letting my subconscious pain lead my path.

I have meditated for roughly two years straight and I have listed the benefits below so we can understand and value the practice of meditation.

  • I don’t get winded on our hikes. I used to have to take a breather every mile or so depending on how steep our hikes were. I now am like a billy goat, no breaks, just in beast mode. My lungs are healthy and can easily handle the elevation change and the stress of my big self huffing up the trails.
  • I now am more responsive and less reactive. I can now pause before I speak or act. I used to react immediately to any and all situations. I still have my moments to be sure, but I am way more grounded and less reactive to what may be deemed negative situations.
  • I am living my passion everyday. I get to write, share, coach, and teach. This is a big one as I have stayed behind the veil of fear for the most of my life. I was always finding ways to berate myself or tell myself that nobody would listen to me. I know that through meditative practices I have lost fear and gained love. Love for what I am, what I do, and what I mean to our universe.

The art of meditation is something new to the western world, but it is a must for inner peace. We cannot expect to live a life of harmony and peace and simultaneously let our subconscious pain patterns lead our course. We must gain control of our thoughts and bring ourselves gently back to the now, the real, the love that is~